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Atheist Conversion


As an atheist (born in a Catholic household) with a very genuine and open minded curiosity towards catholic theology, I have some questions in regards to Original Sin. I read a very interesting article recently explaining why evil and suffering exist, which, to be honest, put to rest many previous problems I had with believing in the Catholic faith, but now some further questions remain which have come as a result of my new understanding mixed with some previous questions I also had. I would really appreciate a true catholic perspective. Mainly, my questions are concerned with the need for the sacrafice of Christ - i.e. If the story of creation and Adam and Eve are allegory (as is seemingly a wide accepted Catholic belief according to Vatican inciclicles) then why is the concept of original sin still considered valid?

1. Are all humans born with sin because sin is ego? Is there a separation of spirit and body where the mind becomes so entrapped in the desire of the body rather than the will of the spirit, and of god, that we fail to see what is good, righteous and in accordance with natural law, therefore we ignore it for the value of self which fails to transcend physical state? 

2. Is the story of Adam and Eve an allegory for the sin of the ego from which the inception of original sin was manifest? I.e. Is the hunger (pardon the pun) to eat from the tree of life actually a desire to transcend human form, and as a result then, disering more than our ego can perceive? We see this today in the seven deadly sins (which, as far as I'm aware, was a creation of a previous pope)?

3. Are we all one non-sentient beings experiencing an existestential existence of reality, united through God but bound by flesh, subjectively experiencing an existence of selfishness which we are freed from through the sacrafice and salvation of Christ?

I would really appreciate some insight to these questions. 


Many thanks.