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"Fr Peter writes" Section

It seems to me that the theological content of the front of St Margaret's Page has been sent into the stratosphere by what  "Fr Peter writes". Does anyone else have any views on this?  

A few weeks ago he threw in an allusion to Aristotle's 'Nichomachean Ethics'. This week he is talking about death, and how "many philosophers have dismissed life as absurd and denuded of greater purpose because life always ends in death". Fr Peter uses this as a springboard to talk about the "internal dynamism of our desires and wishes for the future", a future which reaches beyond death  

Do we think about this at all?

In a post-Christian country where Islam is gaining ground at astonishing speed, such discussion at parish level is necessary. Or do Catholics prefer to plod in the same old way, occasionally attending Mass and using the Church for Baptisms, marriages and funerals?

A couple of years ago I was with a group of students at the Hounslow Mosque where an Imam told us that the number of converts is so great their (large) prayer hall can no longer accommodate the congregation on Fridays. They overspill into the main hall and other rooms in the building. 

At a time when the Catholic Church is under heavy pressure from secularism and needs Catholics to stand up to their faith in a society increasingly hostile to any form of religion, Fr Peter appears to be God's gift to show us the way. Incidentally, I am not Fr Peter's PR agent! I have never been introduced, I'm just an ordinary member of this parish, but recognize a gold nugget when I see it. We have fallen on our feet!

Over to you, dear friends.

29 Jan 16. Yet another mind-broadening Page from Fr Peter this week, this time of a philosophical nature. Fr Dommersen spent 10 years forming the parish at St Margarets into an organic Christian community, one body in Christ. His thought pre-empted that of the Fathers of the Church gathered as one body for the Second Vatican Council. As I read Fr Peter's piece this week, it occurred to me that he is the rightful successor of Fr Dommersen because what he is doing with his weekly thought and actions in the parish now, is to deepen our understanding of the reality of being part of the Body of Christ in a world which mistakes the matrix and the shadows on the wall of Plato's cave for reality. We have all become caught up in that world. What distinguishes us from others is that we are conscious of Christ not as a Bible story but as reality. What Fr Peter is doing for me personally is to make me question my silence. I told a parishioner the other day that I only talk about religion if someone else mentions it, in the hope that the knowledge I am a Catholic Christian and the way I live my life will prompt others to wonder why. Maybe that isn't enough. Thank you Fr Peter for taking the trouble to share the profundity of your thought.

I just wish there were a few others interested enough in Fr Peter's thought to discuss it on a regular basis, maybe once a month. I will have been in the parish for 9 years on the 31st January but know very few people, my fault entirely. The few I know are gems.