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Changes to the forum

Concern has been raised by a few parishioners about how open to the public the conversations on the forum are. Some topics discussed, while they're discussion is beneficial to the community, they are probably best kept within the parish community. Therefore I am thinking of implementing a Parishioner Only Forum. This will be a section to the current forum which can only be viewed by those who are logged into the site. I feel this would be a good solution to the issue, any thoughts on this?

Existing forum topics I would propose moving to the new parishioner only forum are:

Logging into the website is easy, it can be done via the traditional username & password or you can login using Facebook. And just to reassure you, if you use Facebook to login, it does not give access to your Facebook posts.

There is a forgotten password system if you need it, just go to http://www.stmargarets-church.co.uk/user/password. Or if you need any further assistance logging in, please contact me at webmaster@stmargarets-church.co.uk.

I support your proposal that discussion on topics such as you list is kept within the parish community. Thank you Andrew.

This update will be put in place as proposed. Having discussed it with a representative from the diocese, this should also resolve their concern with the website.

This update has now been implemented as planned.