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First Holy Communion and Confirmation 2019


Please note that any parent who wishes their child to receive First Holy Communion or teenager who would like to be Confirmed please collect a Mass Attendance Card from Fr Peter or Deacon Guido.

The reason for the cards may be described as follows: every Sacrament is the gift of God through which Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is given to those who believe. The sacraments demand a receptivity from the believer. They are not magic which requires no response except incredulity. This response is not automatic and needs to be cultivated. Hence the need for a period of preparation for receiving any sacrament. This period of preparation fails if it is undertaken in a vacuum of non-involvement with the life of the Church. This involvement includes weekly Mass on a Saturday/Sunday. The cards are a help in ascertaining that the prior involvement required for any preparation course is happening.

The good example of this year's First Holy Communion and Confirmation preparation has demonstrated the benefit of persistent Mass attendance for those who wish to enter fully into the church’s Sacramental life. The days when the church could be considered a cultural institution alone, are now over and every Sacrament deserves considered response from those who seek them. These courses are therefore not a burden but an opportunity to deepen ones faith.